Coryelle Kramer and Anne More explain the 5th aspect of your erotic personality, The Shape Shifter a great episode! Visit Coryelle and www.coryellekra...View Details

In Part 3 of the series we discuss the "sexual" aspect of our being and what that blueprint means. The audio version 

Part 4 in our series Erotic Blueprints, we discuss the kinky side of life, a great episode. This is the audio version scroll down for the video

Natasha and I talk about life and how she can help you achieve the best in life.

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In This powerful episode Natasha Venter (Medium) Regan Forston ( Hypnotherapist) and Me discuss life after death and what really happens when we trans...View Details

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Coryelle Kramer Passion Cultivator, leads us in an in-depth discussion about "Kinky" in all of it's forms both and a way to increase pleasure and inti...View Details

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A New Show! Starring Natasha Venter, Psychic Medium and communicator to the other side. Natasha is able to help you navigate through life by using her...View Details

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Michele Blood, a great teacher and enlightened soul, talks about her life experiences which lead to her programs today

In this remarkable Video series, Kevin presents: Natasha Venter, a gifted psychic medium, who's gifts include talking to the other side. She has a cle...View Details

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Third in the series of 5, This Erotic Blueprint is all about the person called 'The Sexual" Mature material**

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In this fun episode Coryelle Kramer and I explore the second Erotic Blueprint, which is called The Sensual. Are you primarily a Sensual being? How do ...View Details

Welcome to passion and freedom! The Blueprints™ are your guide, your GPS, your map to understanding who you are, what you want, how you want it and wh...View Details

Orpheus Black, based in Los Angeles



Guru Orpheus Black is a public speaker, thought leader, and sensual spiritualist who use...View Details

HI, I’M STACEY I am on a mission to transform the health of millions worldwide. Check out my website at  I am a popular an...View Details

Matt Shea is a developing author having published nine books. He is greatly inspired by the writings of Andy Giffith and focuses on the common folk th...View Details

Janine Brolly   (BPE, AT, RPT) works with modern successful women worldwide who feel burnt-out, unfulfilled and that ‘something’ is missing – in spite...View Details

Erotic Blueprint Quiz, find out your sexual quiz   E-mail:  polewithsoul@g...View Details

A Barrel Full Of Monkeys is an audio book read by a group of seemingly harmless radio personalities who mean well – with a touch of insanity thrown in...View Details

My Passion Is… to help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are as a sexual being and what feeds your soul and those of your partner(s). to s...View Details

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